The Crew


Here’s a list of our current “in studio” regulars. Let us know if we’re missing any of your favorite facts about our friends. #JoinTheConversation.


Mr. Tony—the orange one (Satchmo and TKStackMoney); constant recipient of bites from Chessie; will likely turn any news event into a pertinent story about his life.

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Nigel—like the monoliths of Stonehenge, nobody knows how or, more importantly, why Nigel is here. Raised in the streets of London, he worked as a chimney sweep as a child, and then later in the coal mines of Northern England. In the US illegally, he hopes one day to marry a Kardashian to attain citizenship.

Gary Braun—Super G (SG3)—started with the show in the 90s and despite a few short breaks, never seems to be able to leave; maintains a real job outside of the show (Braun Film & Video, Inc.); struggles with basic math. #GaryMath


Chris Cillizza (Lace)—Political Reporter and Digital Editor-at-Large for CNN; product of a Connecticut prep school education (alumnus of the Loomis Chafee School for the Rich); swam in Diana Ross’s pool; pained Hoya Saxa fan; prefers to sit in the #SeatsofChrisCillizza behind home plate at Washington Nationals games and watch "Dawson Creek" reruns by himself.


Howard Fineman—Pittsburgh’s own!; the intergalactic editor of The Huffington Post; charter member of The Classics; father of celebrity-intern, Nick Fineman; sneaky good at political impersonations.


Torie Clarke—raises her hand to ask questions; brings notecards as she did for famous politicians she prepped; adds the ever important “mom factor” to all discussions.


David Aldridge—DA—born and raised in Washington DC; product of DeMatha High School and THE American University; currently works as a reporter for the Turner networks; has worked with Tony for nearly thirty years and is still totally dismissive of most of his opinions; inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame in September 2016 but reluctant to brag about it on air.


Liz Clarke—writes mainly about the Redskins for The Washington Post but also covers tennis, soccer and the Olympics (ask her about her luggage in Rio); quite possibly the #1 Springsteen fan; her sighs will melt your heart; so literate you can almost see her build her sentences like an architect of brilliance.


 Jeanne McManus—Tony’s long-time editor through thick and thin at The Washington Post; a cook, painter and one of the great barmaids in Vermont history; the only one who can tell Tony when he’s full of it; cannot stay away from bacon sandwiches.

Leon Harris—the best pipes in the business; talks about wanting to play golf but refuses to get out on the course with Mr. Tony.


Michael Kornheiser—a masculine child who keeps his dad fed for the week with his grilling; golf fanatic who sneaks photos of Mr. Tony on the links; actual local weather enthusiast. #TellMichael



Let’s pour one out for our recently departed colleague, Kip Sheeman (@kevins980), whose forecasts of “something interesting” on the horizon still send shivers down Mr. Tony’s spine.